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Dentists: The Tooth Doctors We Depend On Many of us take the work of dentists for granted. But imagine if there were not professionals to fill your cavities or remove infected teeth! We would all suffer from a lot more dental pain, especially as we aged. The dental profession has been around for centuries, but it has changed a lot in recent years as new technology has allowed dentists to perform their work with greater precision and without causing so much pain for their patients. This blog is dedicated to the work of dentists. As you read, you can learn more about the profession and the various procedures dentists utilize.


What Happens If A Dental Implant Loosens Or Falls Out

Do you have missing teeth? If so, you may have considered dental implants. Individuals favor dental implants because of aesthetics and convenience. Dental implants mimic the appearance of natural teeth, and you would care for them using the same routine hygiene practices.

Most individuals who get dental implants expect for them to last a lifetime. Most times they will last indefinitely. However, sometimes problems with the implants may occur. These issues require immediate attention to protect dental health. The following points will help you to understand options that are available if a dental implant fails.

Implement Grafting Procedures

Sometimes dental implants may fail due to insufficient gum or bone tissue. Dentists may intervene and stop implant failure if discovered in time. Grafts can help to regenerate bone and gum tissue. If issues with bone or gum tissue loss are identified prior to surgeries, dentists may attempt to perform the grafts before proceeding with the procedure. This attention to detail can aid in ensuring the stability of implants.

Perform a New Implant Procedure

Sometimes despite the best efforts, a new procedure must be performed if the patient still desires to have dental implants.  Your dentist may want to discuss a different type of dental implant procedure. For example, you might receive a recommendation for the AllOnFour dental implant procedure to ensure stability.

Even if you decide that you would like to attempt a new implant procedure, the surgery may get delayed if certain issues are present.  The primary goals for second attempts focus on patient health and reducing or eliminating risks.

Consider Alternative Procedures

The frustration of having complications with a dental implant procedure causes frustration for some individuals. They may not want to attempt trying the procedure a second time. These individuals need to keep in mind that alternative procedures to replace missing teeth exist. Dental bridges and dentures can provide similar support and aesthetics. They also ensure daily activities such as eating and speaking are not a challenge.

A cosmetic dentist is a good resource to use to determine whether you have existing issues that could cause problems with a dental implant procedure. They can also offer advice to ensure that you know the signs of a dental implant emergency. Cosmetic dentists can identify lifestyle behaviors such as smoking, which could impact the success of implant procedures. Certain health conditions such as diabetes that have not been properly monitored and maintained may impact candidacy recommendations for individuals who desire dental implants.